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DC’s Gotham City panel began at 10:45 a.m.: the latest update for fans on what’s happening in the world of Batman. People started their Sunday morning a little sleepy, but that energy quickly resurfaced once the panel really got going.

DC Editor Ben Abernathy introduced the panelists: Frank Tieri, Meghan Fitzmartin, Ram V, Ed Brisson and, shockingly, Paul Dano.

Riddler: first year

Dano was not listed as a guest for the panel. His schedule meant he was only there enough time to discuss his comic book, where he talked about his experiences both performing and writing for Riddler.

“The first page is inside Edward’s head,” he began, “and then you go out into the world through him.”

Dano described how the comic was conceived during the filming of The Batman. “I talked to Matt Reeves about it on set one night, and he was like ‘it could be a comic!’ …right away, he told Jim Lee about it. Laughing, he said he had an “Oh shit, now I really have to do this” moment.

Dano also took the time to congratulate his artist partner, Stevan Subic. “I love his work,” he said. “I haven’t met him in person, but we zoom in all the time.” Subic was unable to attend this year’s panel, but delivered a video message conveying his best wishes to attendees and readers.

Batman Incorporated

Following Dano’s departure, the panel moved on to the world of the main DCU: starting with the relaunch of Batman Incorporated. Ed Brisson was asked about how Ghost-Maker was the right person to lead the team going forward.

“Honestly, I don’t know if he’s the right guy,” Brisson said. “And that’s what the story is about.”

This new series will be a way to challenge Ghost-Maker as his character develops. As someone who wants to surpass Batman, Ghost-Maker tests himself to grow Batman Incorporated beyond “what it was before”.

“He’s a bit of a jerk,” Brisson said, describing the character. “He doesn’t really care what other people think of him, he doesn’t have time to care.”

Well, neither did Batman – “Ghost-Maker has even less.”

“With any team book, it’s hard to juggle a lot of characters,” Brisson said, praising artist John Timms for his work on the book — and a team book, in particular. “I think we had him design 8-10 characters.”

Abernathy laughed and suggested that a Nova Scotia Batman might appear as the book continued. “The Bat-Signal will be housed in a lighthouse,” Brisson joked.

Tim DrakeRobin

“When someone asks you who your favorite Robin is, it’s a trap,” said Meghan Fitzmartin, who is currently working on Tim Drake. robin comic. “They are all great! It’s like choosing your favorite child (even if you have one).

Fitzmartin took a moment to clarify what she finds particularly special about Tim. “I think he represents the burnout generation. So much about Tim, it’s stuff we feel. I didn’t lose my parents in a tragic accident, but I have a complicated relationship with my parents like Tim did for a long time.

Fitzmartin went on to say that she thought Tim was such a talented detective “because of his empathy”. The detective mysteries in the book will relate to who Tim is as a character: “The” who am I now? phase after high school, after college.

Tim’s new headquarters are based in Gotham Marina, a new location in the city. “I love boats!” Fitzmartin enthusiastically explained. “Even though Gotham is surrounded by boats…we’ve been to the docks, we’ve been to a lot of warehouses – we haven’t been to a marina.”

Riley Rossmo is the artist on Tim Drake, and Fitzmartin talked about the ideas he brings to the table – in particular, praising his work on the marina. Issue 1 is out now.

Multiversity: Harley screws up the DCU.

This book is DC’s latest announcement, and writer Frank Tieri was quick to clarify, “It wasn’t originally billed as a ‘mess’.”

“Harley is back at Coney Island,” Tieri says, “and she mysteriously inherits what she finds out is a time machine. So, Harley being Harley, she won’t have a time machine. time and will not use it.

When Harley returns to the present, she discovers that the world has been overtaken by Starro the Conqueror. “Harley understands that when she used the time machine, she accidentally screwed up the origins of all of DC’s main heroes, so now she has to go back in time and fix all the shit she screwed up.”

Amanda Conner has also been confirmed to provide coverage for the series as it continues.

Detective comics

Ram V Detective comics racing has already started, but today was a good opportunity to find out more about what’s to come.

“My real influence when it comes to Batman has been watching The animated seriessaid V. “I lived in India, and we didn’t have any isolated problems there. I always felt like there was this underlying sense of dread and drama in everything this show did.

“There is always this question, how is it Detective different from main Batman comic? For me, the answer was that he had to do something aesthetically different. Seeing that Zdarsky’s race would go all out with action and gimmicks, V suggested we “move Detective in the realm of drama.

Talking about the villains in his story, V asked, “What if someone came to Gotham City and said, ‘I can fix this city better than the way Batman has done all these years’?”

He suggested that this begs the question of whether you steal anything from a town when you “fix” it. “Two-Face becomes a metaphor for that. When you “fix” Two-Face, are you taking anything important away from him? »

V’s first arc, “Nocturne”, “is meant to be epic, both in terms of the outer twist, but also in terms of… what Bruce has inside”. During this time, he confirmed a western-inspired “intermission”, between the first two arcs named “Intermezzo”.


Ed is also working on Deathstroke Inc., There’s something wrong with Patrick Todd and Predator. Meghan is also working on Dark Crisis: Young Justicea Zatanna backup, and both authors are working on the wild storm 30th anniversary special. Frank is working on Dark Crisis: Warzonemature content for Marvel and work in Archie comics. Ram V is working on Swamp Thing, Aquaman: Andromedaand two independent books which he has not announced – although he described one as a “Kaiju Romance Time Travel“, and the other as the same situation “told from two different angles”.

The panel began to wrap up with each participant being given a number of Detective comics and batman versus robin.

That’s it for today’s Gotham City panel! In conclusion, here is Frank Tieri’s favorite Batman story:

“I like when he broke his back. That shit was cool.


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