Alien: Mysterious ‘alien creature’ with reptilian skull, long tail appears on Australian beach, video goes viral

The ocean is one of the most beautiful and also scary things, just as its water is deep, so are its secrets. This is why there are so many fascinating and bizarre theories about what lives in the deepest parts of the ocean and also in space.

The internet is full of images and videos of so-called “extraterrestrial” life on earth. Here is another. A video capturing an alien creature has now gone viral. At first glance, the creature looks nothing like any animal we’ve seen on Earth, but the mystery is slowly unfolding.

Man named Pastor Alex Tan made the shocking discovery while strolling along Cotton Tree Beach on Australia’s Sunshine Coast and came across a dead animal that appears to have a reptilian-like skull, long limbs and flaccid claws and a long tail.

“It’s like one of those things you see when people claim to have found aliens,” the 28-year-old said in the video.

In the video, the creature is covered in flies. Later in the video, Tan says it could be a possum.

“I still assume it’s a possum – my bet of a chicken among any expert who can prove me wrong still stands,” he adds.

“Alien,” he says at the end of the video.

However, according to a report published in the
Mail Mailthe scientist identified the “alien-like” creature as a brush-tailed opossum, which was “swollen, waterlogged and had lost its fur”.

“The skull and hind limbs give clues. The animal was probably swept into the ocean during the floods,” said Stephen Johnston, associate professor at the University of Queensland.
Mail Mail.

The brushtail opossum is fairly common throughout Australia and is found mainly along the eastern seaboard.

Several people in Tan’s comments section on Instagram found the video interesting, which quickly sparked a conversation with many trying to guess the creature.

“Isn’t it weird that the body is whole and the head is a skeleton. It looks like a dead cat with the skeleton head of another animal that you place right there before you shoot,” commented an user.

“I mean, considering how much the world has been hit in the past 3 years, does an alien apocalypse seem so daunting? Go ahead, I say,” another user wrote. Instagram on video post.

Well, here is the video in question. Take your wild guess!


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