After wet road accidents in the morning, drivers are advised to slow down


TACOMA, WA – Puget Sound went almost two full months without rain, but upon returning Friday morning some drivers struggled to adjust to the slippery and wet pavements.

South Sound first responders say they have been called in to a number of accidents, which they attribute to slippery roads and overnight rain. To avoid future problems, they ask commuters to remember to take it slow and slow down if the road feels slippery, otherwise they risk a disaster.

One of the biggest crashes on Friday morning happened in Tacoma, where a car rollover put one person in hospital and left 6 others and a dog with minor injuries.

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Another reason to slow down and stay alert when driving after it rains: Water can saturate hills and cause landslides. There is no danger of serious slips at the moment – there just wasn’t enough rain for the hills to be completely soaked – but the rain helped trigger a small slide near Hoquiam in Thursday night.

All that to say: relax, stay alert, and know that it is better to be slightly delayed than stuck in a ditch.

Find out what’s happening in Bonney Lake-Sumner with free real-time Patch updates.

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