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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is one of the most popular animated superhero series of the last decade. Created by Thomas Astruc, Disney Channel Miraculous Ladybug follows the adventures of two Parisian teenagers with secret superhero identities. Miraculous Ladybug follows Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a college student who lives a secret life as the superhero Ladybug. Her school crush, Adrian Agreste, is secretly her partner against the supervillains threatening Paris.

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The main plot of MMiraculous Ladybug comes from the threat of Hawk Moth, who now bears the identity of Shadow Moth. Using his Miraculous, he creates supervillains from unsuspecting people feeling negative emotions like disappointment, humiliation, anger, or jealousy. He wants to seize Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous to rewrite reality and resurrect his dead wife. While most The Miraculous Ladybug the storylines are solid, some storylines apparently went nowhere or weren’t resolved.

5 The Optigami turned out to be a waste of time

The most recent season introduced a new danger for the heroes. As the holder of the Peacock Miraculous, Shadow Moth can create Sentimonsters. His assistant, Nathalie Sancoeur, created one called Optigami to spy on Miraculous carriers. Unfortunately, she was unable to learn the identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Shadow Moth decides to use Optigami again, although this is the first and only time viewers see him.

Thanks to a prolonged battle, Optigami remains a vigilant spy and even takes the form of Ladybug’s ally, Carapace. Once Ladybug and Rena Rouge (Marinette’s best friend, Ayla) realize the shell that helped them is a fraud, they expose the Sentimonster Optigami. Although he is about to learn Ladybug’s secret identity, Shadow Moth ends Optigami’s existence. This was great for learning the identities of some of Ladybug’s allies, but ultimately wasted the viewer’s time by becoming another villain defeated in an episode.

4 Luka knows the secret identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Viperion and Luka Couffaine

Luka Couffaine is one of Marinette’s closest friends, and they almost ended up together. Ladybug occasionally gives Luka the powerful Snake Miraculous, turning him into a Viperion. Ladybug first gave Luka the Serpent Miraculous after Adrien Agreste failed over 25,000 times using it to turn back time 5 minutes. Luka proves to be the perfect person to wield the Miraculous Snake and its somewhat limited time travel ability.

Ladybug again gives Luka the Serpent Miraculous when they confront another akumatized villain named Wishmaker, who threatens to reveal his and Cat Noir’s secret identity. As Viperion, Luka uses his “second chance” ability and inadvertently learns Ladybug and Cat Noir’s secret identities when struck by the villain’s power. After Wishmaker’s defeat, Luka lies to Ladybug, telling her that he doesn’t know any of their identities. Ladybug has already mentioned that if another Miraculous wielder knows their identity, they could give Shadow Moth the knowledge he needs to get his Miraculouses and doom everyone. With some time in the season, this could be explored further.

3 The future relationship between Ladybug and Cat Noir has not been defined

future lighted ladybug

The problem with every extended superhero story when it introduces time travel is to set up a future that may need to be adhered to. In Timekeeper, Ladybug uses Bunnyx’s ability to time travel by sending him in her place to the future to stop Timetagger. To do this, she called on the future Ladybug and Cat Noir. It was an inspiring addition to the world of Miraculous.

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Unfortunately, nothing was done with this development. When Cat Noir asks about the future of his relationship with Ladybug, Bunnyx responds with hand gestures and says, “You’re kinda…whoo!” Some have speculated that this involves the pair becoming a couple.

2 Adrian and Marinette’s Other Relationships Ended Too Soon

Other relationships in Miraculous

After the season three finale, Adrien and Marinette began relationships with other people. Adrien was convinced that a romance with Ladybug was out of the question and began seeing his fencing partner, Kagami. Marinette started seeing Luka more romantically, though it never went beyond a flirtatious friendship with a serious date.

Their respective relationships are doomed because of the two lives that Marinette and Adrien lead. They have to lie to the people they are with and disappear without answers. Season 4 Truth has Luka akumatized into a villain who gets the truth out of his targets. He asks for Marinette’s secret, and everyone tells him she’s in love with Adrien. In the next episode lies, Kagami gets akumatized because she is frustrated with Adrien’s lies and his constant disappearance. In two episodes, Ladybug and Cat Noir’s will-they-won’t-they relationship is restored.

1 The story of the miraculous is unexplored but suggested

past ladybug character sheet

When Sass goes back in time on his own, he causes chaos and various other periods to bleed into today’s Paris. If the viewer doesn’t pay attention, fans might miss the scene where a woman in knightly armor appears on the Eiffel Tower brandishing a sword. What is strange is that his tunic resembles Ladybug’s costume. There are many clues in Miraculous Ladybug on the long history of the Miraculous. For example, viewers know that there were two other guardians of the miraculous, Su Han and then Wang Fu.

Cat Noir’s kwami, Plagg, is said to have caused several historical events, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, volcanoes, the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the sinking of Atlantis. Miraculous Ladybug implies that the Miraculous has been used for thousands of years to empower people with the power of kwami. Over a hundred years ago, Wang Fu used the Peacock Miraculous in his youth. Guardians like Su Han, Wang Fu, and now Marinette have kept the miraculous for many years. There is a rich history to explore, perhaps in another stage.

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