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With a new season of Young Sheldon in the works, it can be fun to look back at the adult Sheldon Cooper that fans know and love The Big Bang Theory. There’s no doubt that Sheldon is one of the most iconic sitcom characters of recent years, and part of his charm comes from his unique way of handling the relationships in his life.

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Sheldon’s romance with Amy is certainly unconventional, but love is most definitely at its core. Sheldon adores Amy and would do just about anything for her, although he sometimes has a special way of showing it. Sheldon Cooper is a great boyfriend, and he says some endearing quotes to prove it.


The Relationship Agreement

“With the understanding that nothing changes anything, physical or otherwise, I wouldn’t object to us no longer characterizing you as not being my girlfriend.”

Amy and Sheldon at the movies - the Big Bang theory

One of the ways Amy matures The Big Bang Theory is in realizing its own worth. When she decides her relationship with Sheldon is going nowhere and she goes on a date with Stuart, Sheldon realizes it’s time to lock Amy up by taking their relationship to the next level.

Of course, becoming an official couple means Sheldon has to write up an official relationship agreement. It also means that Sheldon took a big step out of his comfort zone to say those words and enter into a committed romantic relationship, but he’s doing it because he loves her. Amy even manages to convince him to ask to stay stable without the quadruple negative, and he complies, as any good boyfriend would.

A sweet embarrassment

“I’m in a boy-girl relationship with this cute little piece of yarn.”

Amy visits caltech for the first time with sheldon - tbbt

When Amy starts a research project at the California Institute of Technology, Sheldon joins her and her colleagues for lunch. He says this sweet quote about Amy at the table of renowned scientists, much to his girlfriend’s dismay.

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Even though Sheldon embarrasses Amy a lot with this line, it’s still nice to hear him use such cute terms to describe his girlfriend. Most people wouldn’t like to work in the same place as their partner, but until his friends explain otherwise, Sheldon is ready to welcome him to his workplace with a display of pure affection that shows how much he loves. not she softened her heart.

Happy birthday, Amy

“Amy’s birthday present will be my genitals.”

After years of dating, Sheldon decides he’s finally ready to consummate his love with Amy on her birthday. He finalizes that decision with this quote, which leads to the best date nights between Sheldon and Amy.

Sheldon is slow to prepare for intimacy with Amy, and some may have thought they would never see the light of day. When he makes the decision to have sex with her on his own and gives it to her as a birthday present because he knows how much it means to her, it speaks to the level of trust and understanding that he shares with her.

The love bug

“I briefly considered having a brain parasite, but that seems even more outlandish. The only conclusion was love.”

After Sheldon tells Amy he loves her, she seems completely in disbelief. He reassures that he really loves her, supplementing his reassurance with this parasitic anecdote about how he initially dealt with his feelings.

longtime viewers of The Big Bang Theory are no strangers to the fact that Sheldon is a hypochondriac who would almost always prefer the scientific explanation to the emotional. His ability to overcome Sheldon Cooper’s standard train of thought and identify romantic feelings he’s never had before shows how open he is to growing in this relationship.

A Heartworming Metaphor

“You are my heartworm. The metaphorical kind, not the poodle-killing kind.”

Sheldon returns some of Amy's things to his doorstep on TBBT

Sheldon has the Beach Boys song “Darlin'” stuck in his head and spends the majority of an episode spinning in circles as he tries to figure it out. When he finally realizes the title of the song, he also realizes that it found its way into his brain in the first place because it highlights his love for Amy.

Sheldon says this quote when he goes to win Amy back after coming to her Beach Boys-centric realization, and despite the sweet sentiment, the line is very Sheldon-y. Leave it to the theoretical physicist to implicate an earworm-turned-dog-disease metaphor in his profession of love. It’s part of what makes him such a good boyfriend – even though he grows to welcome romance, he doesn’t get lost.

Sheldon’s Weak Point

“Amy, I’m good at a lot of things, but forgetting you wasn’t one of them.”

Amy and Sheldon's front door greeting her on TBBT

When Amy decides she needs a break from the relationship, Sheldon takes it pretty badly. He does his best to win her back, but when he finally accepts the end of their relationship, Amy is ready to be his girlfriend again. This quote is his way of telling her that he just can’t do it again.

Sheldon isn’t ready to admit a lot of bad things about himself. In fact, one of the only failures he admits to is his inability to do pull-ups as a kid. So the fact that he’s willing to confess his struggle to get over Amy shows how much she means to him. Luckily, he eventually realizes this too, and the two are able to start their relationship over.

Time loops

“There is nothing in the world that would prevent me from marrying you tomorrow, even me from the future reverting to prevent the marriage and the subsequent birth of a child that will destroy humanity.”

Amy teaches Sheldon about shutting down the TBBT

Naturally, when Amy asks Sheldon how he feels about their upcoming wedding, Sheldon uses a time travel reference to explain how willing he is to make Amy his wife.

It wouldn’t be unlike Sheldon to get cold feet before committing to someone for the rest of his life, but out of deep, lasting love, he can’t wait to marry them. He’s so committed that even time travel isn’t a threat to their love. When Amy explains that her future self wouldn’t stop them because Sheldon believes time travel happens in a closed loop (meaning he would have married her regardless), it only solidifies his commitment. He responds with, “I love you so much.”

His first i love you

“I love you too.”

Before The Big Bang Theory recreates the prom, Amy begins to tell Sheldon that she has something to say to him and that she doesn’t want him to feel obligated to say it back. Sheldon, however, knows exactly what she means, and he cuts her off with that quote before she can say it.

Technically, this makes Sheldon the first person in the relationship to say “I love you”. The physicist has never been a fan of warm, big-hearted displays, so there’s also something very innocent, pure and truthful about it. The simple expression of love is a huge step that shows just how much he’s willing to change for Amy, and Jim Parsons’ ability to communicate is why his Emmy-winning performance is the best on The Big Bang Theory.

His observations about Amy

“She likes medieval literature. Chaucer is her favourite. … Her eyes sparkle when she watches old French movies, and I enjoy how the harp music makes her fingers dance as if she’s playing with it.”

When Sheldon buys a Christmas present for Amy, Bernadette tells him that her favorite gifts Howard gave her showed her how much he knows her. That’s what Sheldon says when he reflects on what he knows about Amy.

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This quote is one of the nicest things Sheldon Cooper has ever said. It shows that even though he may seem like an emotionally distant lover, he pays so much attention to Amy. The woman who enters his life as “not his girlfriend” becomes the subject of detailed observations about the things that make his eyes gleam and his fingers dance.

Sheldon’s wishes

“Even though I can’t tell you now how I feel, I will spend my life showing you how much I love you.”

Sheldon and Amy's wedding in The Big Bang Theory

When it finally comes time for Sheldon and Amy to get married after Sheldon proposed in one of the best episodes of The Big Bang TheorySheldon says it with complete and utter sincerity as part of his vows.

Any longtime fan of the show knows that Sheldon can often have trouble understanding other people’s emotions and expressing his own. With this quote, he does both by acknowledging his own way of showing his love. His decision to get married is pretty big for the scientist, but the way Amy made him realize his love language is a huge step that shows just how willing he is to grow for her.

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