10 Comic Book Villains Who Travel Back In Time Like Kang The Conqueror


At the end of Loki, Marvel fans have been teased with the cinematic debut of the villainous Kang the Conqueror. Fans were intrigued by his role as the mysterious “He Who Remains” and were eager to see more. They had to wait long enough to see it again, however, and finally got to see it again in the trailer for the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

The villainous time traveler looks pretty good, taken over by his actor from Loki, Jonathan Majors. However, he’s not the only time traveler to threaten the Avengers. In fact, there are tons of such adversaries all over the comics. Some of these might give fans a glimpse of where Kang’s MCU incarnation will go.


Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is the Swiss army knife of comic book villains – he’s done pretty much everything he can in his quest for world domination. This includes time travel, which he took for both leisure and conquest.

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Doctor Doom invented a device called the Time Platform that allows him to travel through time. He incorporated this technology into his suit, allowing him to travel at will and attempt to conquer the past. He’s even taken on Kang himself, and may even be a distant relative. It’s not time-themed, but it does have a lot of chronological capabilities.

The organization

Donald Duck has a long and strange history, especially in the comics. European comics have given Donald many wacky adventures, including the Paperinik (Duck Avenger) comics where he will become a superhero in the future. During these adventures, he repeatedly clashes with the time-travel-obsessed Organization.

This shadowy future cabal is constantly trying to use time travel to take over the world. Their agents usually consist of muscular cyborgs like Odin Eidolon, the Gryphon, and their most famous agent, the Raider. These villains will attempt to change the timeline but are usually stopped by the main hero.


Armaggon is not as well known as the greatest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villains but he made a lot of appearances. This shark debuted in the turtle-based Archie comic book series as a mutant from the future. While it appeared in most turtles media since then, time travel is usually left behind.

It’s a shame because it was a big aspect of the character in his early days. Since he was from the future, he knew how heroes fought before he met him. The storyline he was involved in also had a nice moral about global warming, as the future where he came from was flooded. These aspects could possibly be toned down in future appearances.


Considering he named himself after a god of time, you’d think Chronos’ time powers would be formidable. Originally, that wasn’t the case, as this DC villain simply had time-themed gadgets with no time-based abilities. After years of wishing for true chronomancy, however, he finally got it.

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After making a deal with the demon Neron, he gained the ability to manipulate time. This turned out to be a curse, as he gradually lost touch with his present and began to deteriorate. This would spell his end, but only for the original Cronos, David Clinton. Other characters would eventually take on the name after his death.


This character from the year 3786 may seem like a job for the Justice League, given that he refers to himself as “The Time Lord”. He eventually becomes a more cohesive villain of the Justice Society of America, their predecessor group. But that doesn’t mean he’s small, as he’s one of the villains to truly understand the long game. He desires to rule the past from the future but has decided to take his time doing so.

Most of his appearances simply have him experimenting with his temporal powers. Moving non-linearly and diagonally in time, he is able to access weapons and allies over millions of years. He ends up creating a place frozen in time as he waits to become “The Epoch”. He believes that given enough time and meditation, he will eventually become intelligent enough to master all of the timelines.

Time Trapper

The episodic adventures of the Legion of Super-Heroes are already set in the future relative to the main DC Comics universe. The team only operates in the 30th and 31st centuries, which makes the idea of ​​a villain from even further into the future strange. The Time Trapper is such a villain, coming from the very end of time itself.

The trapper has erected an “Iron Curtain of Time”, which prevents any time traveler from accessing his domestic time. This keeps his identity a mystery, as no one can access his shrine to find out. His identity has changed several times over the years, however, as he is still affected by changes in the timestream. It seems that the existence of a villain called Time Trapper is always constant.


Nimrod comes from the evil future of X-Men: Days of Future Past script. Nimrod is an evolution of the mutant-hunting Sentinels that often threaten the X-Men. His name comes from the Bible, which was used there to describe a mighty hunter. It’s quite fitting here, as it even chases its prey through time.

RELATED: 10 Most Powerful Marvel Comics Sentinels RankedNimrod chases the mutants through time as they try to prevent the bad future. While there, he effortlessly adapts to life in the timeline. Unlike most time-traveling villains, Nimrod possesses no innate ability to time travel, he merely co-opts those of others. His extensive database and shape-shifting ability allow him to blend in and hunt effortlessly no matter when he finds himself.


There are many variations of the Incredible Hulk, and most of them are destructive. However, only a few of them are evil like Maestro. Maestro hails from a post-apocalyptic future where he has absorbed countless amounts of radiation. It merged the personalities of Hulk and Bruce, while amplifying their worst aspects.

After an encounter with Spider-Man 2099, Maestro gains the ability to time travel. He uses it to threaten Hulk from the past, eventually trying to turn Hulk into him sooner than expected. Bruce eventually prevails by exposing Maestro to a gamma bomb to seemingly kill him. In a lot of time travel confusion, it’s the same bomb that gave the Hulk his powers.


Bishop first made his debut as a hero in x-men comics, but like most time travelers, the dissonance of values ​​took its toll. He hails from a future where he was a police officer for a future version of the X-Men. When he came to the past, he obviously aligned with the mutants. He would soon learn that his idea of ​​protecting the mutant species and theirs were incompatible.

Bishop’s first notable role as a villain came during the Civil war an event. He ended up joining the recording crew and stalking his former teammates. Since then, his disagreements with the X-Men have turned violent, and he has become a frequent enemy of the X-Force.

reverse flash

Eobard Thawne was The Flash’s number one fan in the distant future. He recreated the experiment that gave the Flash his powers and traveled back in time to meet his idol. His sanity was shattered when he learned that Barry was destined to kill him one day. He then decided to become Flash’s greatest enemy, as well as an enemy of the DC Universe as a whole.

Thawne uses time travel liberally in his quest to make Flash’s life hell. He used it to aggravate Flash’s childhood in minor ways and to kill Barry’s mother. His time travel antics eventually led him to become a multiversal menace and a living paradox immune to the effects of time. His antics are usually Barry-centric, but countless timelines have been shattered by his schemes. The Justice League went into battle with Thawne, but only Barry can stop him.

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