The Neurocosmic Brain | By Naveed Aman Khan


The Neuro Cosmic Brain

A new creative and artistic thriller in the neuroscience industry has been published in the UK.

New creative and artistic methods of mind empowerment were explored in the vast, mysterious world of the brain.

“Creative and Artistic Model of the Neurocosmic Brain” is the second exciting and groundbreaking model of the “Empowerment of Mind Theory” by world-renowned Pakistani scientist, Prof. Dr. Anees Akhtar. The scientist revealed the mystery of mind empowerment using creative methods. By applying these methods, brain abilities improve.

Living life by experiencing art, philosophy and sport can give more creativity to minds, then to minds that ignore these mind growth factors.

While releasing this new neurocosmic brain model, the scientist has successfully achieved a marvelous goal and goals to serve humanity through new empowerment methods to help humanity for the next technological civilization to unify and harmonize corporations for greater causes.

In 2017, the groundbreaking first book in the Neurocosmic Brain Series aimed at optimizing the brain from negative impulses and attitudes harbored in brain memories due to fast-paced competitive social and economic cultures was published.

Self-help and goal-setting methods to help readers develop their executive brain functions in their prefrontal cortex of the brain are used by the scientist.

Meditation, music therapy, intuitions and alpha, gamma brainwaves in certain music have been suggested as a lifestyle fit to drive these positive impulses into your genome at the subatomic level of DNA organizations.

These impulses harboring the power of words and musical vibrations trigger healthy genes to create chemicals like dopamine, endorphin, epinephrine and serotonin that flood the imagination and thoughts into the brain’s pleasure centers.

By continuing these practices, a big gray matter in the brain will develop. The development of this gray matter in the brain is the secret of all mysterious development of consciousness, which has brought all the technological and cultural advances around us. These are the secrets of good mental health, prosperity and abundance.

Experts and explorers of the vast brain world are convinced that brain empowerment is the only way to explore and conquer the universe and life and develop an ultimate soul spirit.

The creative and artistic model of the neurocosmic brain is considered a unique method of healing and empowerment and is a non-pharmaceutical method of healing psychosis and is bibliotherapy and adjuvant therapy for most neurodegenerative diseases and psychosis.

It is a thriller and a book that turns the pages to make a creative and artistic brain and it is a protocol of research of innovations. New technologies and new industries could be created and breakthroughs in books, movies, music industries, medicines and engineering could be achieved by following these creative methods.

In this unique brain model, scientific strategies have been studied to globally promote the creative industries of books, film, music, art and sports in order to promote broader creative and democratic cultures and universal.

In both developed and developing countries, where creative industries have recently been promoted, they earn billions of dollars in foreign currency by importing and exporting their creative products and cultural traditions, as well as their experts and artists with other nations.

The scientist developed these creative methods to cure diseases and make the brain super smart for creativity and business planning by deep reading, organizing and synthesizing knowledge in a renaissance era polymath method and by synthesizing this method with the polymath methods of the modern era, which similarly organized and synthesized knowledge to create new industries.

Modern polymaths like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and last century polymaths Stephen Hawking, Einstein, De van Chi, Newton, Darwin and Karl Marx developed the modern empires of knowledge and technology into the wealthy democratic and socialist Western nations. prosperous states in China and Russia using their organized knowledge for creativity and inventions.

The knowledge of modern polymaths like Bill Gates, Raykurzweil, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezon, Einstein, and Stephen Hawking is continually used to create longevity, uniqueness in cultures, and possible time travel to other universes and galaxies in the world. ‘coming.

Making time travel possible means developing super-fast machines and rockets that shorten long distances in space and galaxies through the development of extraterrestrial intelligence super brains that can travel to other universes and can manipulate the space-time continuum as they please.

These technologies are possible in the future by harnessing the energies of the God particle or the Higgs boson. Man may harness many other forms of energy from other planets and stars in the future.

If human consciousness continues to seize and harness the energies of other planets and stars to use them to develop new technologies, time travel will not remain fictitious and will become a fact. Today’s modern technologies of quantum chips, electric cars, hyper loop trains, star link, neuro-link,

5G radiation technologies are all the result of knowledge organization in the same way the author used to find the connection between neuroscience, positive psychology metaphysics, medical science cosmology and astronomy knowledge to target the human genome (DNA) to make subatomic-level epigenetic changes to create a metacognitive, super-intelligent level brain that can combat fears of disease, weather, volcanoes, ocean control, fear from meteor collision with earth to reduce pollutions to save and protect human civilization and life molecule DNA and its mysterious and bendable organizations for life and spirit on this planet.

Governments, the private sector and philanthropists around the world can develop institutes for neurocosmic brain empowerment and exploration based on these neurocosmic theories of mind empowerment so that the healing and empowerment of the spirit can grow exponentially in the cultures of most countries of the world.

—The writer is an editor, book ambassador, political analyst and author of several books based in Islamabad.


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