Giant Asteroid Impacts Created Earth’s Continents in Michio Kaku: ‘We Will Make Contact With Extraterrestrials During This Century’ (Planet Earth Report Weekend)


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Stories this weekend include Tony Robbins, Sergey Brin Becoming Robots – The Spruce Telepresence Revolution has arrived on the Arctic tundra a century ahead of schedule, and more.

New evidence suggests giant asteroid impacts created Earth’s continents, reports Singularity Hub. “We still don’t have definitive answers to some fundamental questions about the continents: how did they arise and why did they form where they formed? In new research published in Nature, we studied ancient minerals from Western Australia and found tantalizing clues to suggest the giant impact hypothesis might be right.

The upcoming California megastorm –“The steam plume will be huge, hundreds of miles wide and more than 1,200 miles long, and teeming with fierce winds,” reports The New York Times. “It will carry so much water that if you turned it entirely into liquid, its flow rate would be about 26 times what the Mississippi River discharges into the Gulf of Mexico at any given time.

Earth-sized alien worlds exist. Now astronomers are figuring out how to detect life on them. Doing this will require a specially designed space telescope and a baseball-field-sized umbrella, reports “Stephen Kane says he and his colleagues are trying to figure out ‘what we can expect to see when we can finally directly image an exoplanet.’ Their exercise shows that even a few precious pixels can help scientists make the ultimate diagnosis: a planet support life?

The One Critical Mistake Alien Hunters Keep Making – Life on other worlds might not look like life on Earth. So we need to start taking more eccentric ideas about biology seriously, reports the Daily Beast. “Astronomers are lining up to take turns using NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope to inspect planets for biosignatures. The priority in this first year of JWST operations is the seven possible Earth-sized planets in the TRAPPIST-1 star system, 40 light-years from Earth.

Is there life in the TRAPPIST-1 star system? – ‘Twice as old as our solar system’ reports The Daily Galaxy.’

Michio Kaku: We will make contact with extraterrestrials in this century

Tony Robbins, Sergey Brin become robots – The telepresence revolution, reports Singularity Hub. “Attendees at the Xprize fundraiser in San Francisco were immediately drawn to the robots and loved talking to them. During the evening, participants spoke with people from Argentina, Washington DC and Canada, all by telepresence. Telepresence robots are going to be a terrific addition to our tech-powered lives. »

The Earth is spinning faster and recording its shortest day is no reason to panic, scientists say, reports CBS News. “While Earth on June 29 actually recorded its shortest day since the adoption of the atomic clock standard in 1970 – at 1.59 milliseconds less than 24 hours – scientists say it is ‘a normal fluctuation.’ Yet news of the faster turnover led to misleading social media posts about the significance of the measure, leading some to worry about its implications.

Antarctica has lost a lot more ice than we thought, reports meteorologist Scott Sutherland for The Weather Network.

Spruce trees arrived in the arctic tundra a century earlier than expected, reports “As climate change decimates forests in places like Europe and the American West, boreal trees are moving into the Arctic.”

Quantum computers could crack Bitcoin. Here’s what it would take, reports Singularity Hub. “Modern encryption schemes rely on extremely difficult mathematical problems that would take even the largest supercomputers centuries to solve. But the unique capabilities of a quantum computer mean that with sufficient size and power, these problems become simple. , rendering current encryption useless.This is a big problem for cybersecurity, and it also poses a major challenge for cryptocurrencies, which use cryptographic keys to secure transactions.

The race to remake the $2.5 trillion steel industry with green steel –– “In the town of Woburn, a suburb just north of Boston, a group of engineers and scientists in white coats inspected a neat pile of brick-sized metallic gray steel ingots on a desk at inside a neon-lit laboratory space. What they were looking at was a batch of steel created using an innovative manufacturing method, a method that Boston Metal, a spin-off company from MIT ten years ago hopes to radically transform the way the alloy has been made for centuries.

A nearby star’s midlife crisis illuminates the future of our own Sun–The long magnetic lull on the star mimics the Maunder Minimum, when the Sun’s spots largely disappeared 400 years ago, reports “From about 1645 to 1715, the sunspots, now known to be indicators of solar activity, all but disappeared. Collating sunspot numbers and other historical observations, astronomer John Eddy concluded there are nearly 50 years since the Sun had essentially taken a 70-year nap, which he called the Maunder Minimum after a couple of astronomers who had previously studied it.

Ex-SpaceX engineers launch a startup where robots make pizza in 45 seconds, reports Singularity Hub. “According to Pizza Magazine’s Pizza Power Report 2022, (yes, there’s actually a publication called Pizza Magazine! Who knew!), American consumers accounted for about a third of global pizza spending, paying $45 billion for pies. with cheese in 2021.”

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