Dragon Ball Super: Galactic Patrol, explained


The Galactic Patrol has played a bigger role in Dragon Ball Super lately, helping to fill in the gaps in the functioning of this alien police force.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Dragon Ball Super manga, from Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, available now in English via Viz Media.

The Galactic Patrol, introduced in Dragon ball super, has been monitoring the Milky Way of the Seven Universe for over 10 million years, which is longer than Grand Zeno’s reign over the Multiverse. The Cosmic Police Force is led by the Galactic King as they maintain law and order throughout the galaxy. Although Jaco is the only recurring member, his incompetence at, well, all, does not accurately reflect the rest of the Galactic Patrol.

The Galactic Patrol operates from a huge space station that serves as their headquarters. Their officers are given spaceships, standard blasters, and jet packs to allow them to fly, as none of them have ki. Patrol members even have a weapon called the Extinguishing Bomb, which can wipe out all life on any given planet, although they luckily prefer not to use it.

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Even though their jurisdiction is limited to the Milky Way, this is where most of the action in Universe Seven takes place anyway. While some members of the Galactic Patrol are stronger than others, they are stronger. close to the lower end of Dragon ballthe immense scale of power. Outnumbered by the Force Frieza and outnumbered by Frieza himself, the Galactic Patrol had no choice but to let the evil tyrant do whatever he wanted, resulting in their destructive conquest of the galaxy.

The Galactic Patrol doesn’t fight battles they can’t win, they often recruit more powerful fighters to help them out. That’s not to say that the Galactic Patrol is helpless, given that it was able to contain Moro for over 10 million years after the Supreme Kai of that time stripped the evil wizard of his magic. It is to the credit of the organization that they will seek outside help rather than unsuccessfully attempting to solve major problems or ignoring them altogether.

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Whenever they are outmatched, the Galactic Patrol will try to inhibit their enemies in a more minor way. For example, they were unable to fight the Saiyan army, so they would send officers after the Saiyan infants who were dumped on weaker planets to take care of them. In fact, Jaco was sent to care for Goku when he was sent to Earth as a child. However, Jaco distracted himself and never found Goku, so when no giant monkey ever tore the planet apart, Jaco signaled his mission as a success and continued on his way.

The Galactic Patrol is surprisingly bureaucratic, given how often Jaco complains about paperwork and worries about getting credit for an arrest, whether he deserves it or not. They don’t even allow aliens to fight alongside them unless they officially, albeit temporarily, join the Galactic Patrol. Goku and Vegeta, along with the rest of the Z Warriors, were forced to wear a galactic patrol badge on their clothing during the battle against Moro.

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Gohan, Tien, Yamcha, and Chiatzou wear galactic patrol uniforms in Dragon Ball Super

Given the massive size of their jurisdiction, the Galactic Patrol is strangely narrow-minded in its view of the cosmos. Even after working alongside a Supreme Kai, they refused to believe that Lord Beerus actually existed until Jaco met him. Yet, like the gods, they consider time travel a taboo and a crime. However, if it’s something like Hit’s Time-Skip or Whis’ Temporal Do-Over, which can’t result in a branched timeline, they’ll look the other way around.

Aside from Merus, who turned out to be an angel in training, members of the Galactic Patrol usually find themselves outmatched by powerful villains. Still, the Galactic Patrol appears to be doing a surprisingly good job of keeping watch over the galaxy. After all, they only had three culprits they couldn’t handle: Frieza, Majin Buu, and Moro. True, these incidents resulted in the deaths of millions of people, but statistically, just three failures in 10 million years is an incredibly high success rate.

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