Getting a loan is not always the easiest. Some people find it more difficult to borrow money than others. The reasons why it is difficult to get a loan can be many, some things that can make it tricky to borrow money are for example if you are self-employed, live abroad, have no fixed income, are unemployed or have active payment notes.

In Sweden, for example, more than 500,000 people find it difficult to borrow money for reasons such as these. Fortunately, there are still alternatives for those who fall into this category.

Lenders who target people who have difficulty getting loans


The help that is available comes from the lenders who have chosen to focus on lending money to people who find it difficult to get a loan. They can do this by having other methods for assessing the creditworthiness of the applicant.

It is therefore not a question of not looking up the applicant’s economy, but rather that it has another way of assessing the risks of lending money. Risk that always exists when you lend money regardless of creditworthiness.

Payment note that makes it difficult to get a loan

Payment note that makes it difficult to get a loan

A payment note will continue for a full three years. Throughout this period, it adversely affects the chances of getting a loan (and also, for example, shopping for installments or obtaining a subscription).

However, if the economy is otherwise under control, it should not be impossible to borrow money. A number of lenders he has chosen to focus on this part of the market and lend to people who have payment notes but who basically have a fairly good economy.

These lenders do not put all the focus on the payment note itself, which unfortunately many banks and lenders do, but they focus on your finances as a whole. There, a note is just a small part of many things – such as income, assets, liabilities. If your finances look good in general, it may as a whole weigh up that there is a payment note and then you can be approved for a loan.

You can find a number of lenders who accept payment note further down this page. Maybe you can find someone there that works even if you usually have a little trouble getting a loan.

Hard to get a loan for other reasons

Hard to get a loan for other reasons

If you find it difficult to get a loan for any other reason, such as no fixed income or you have recently started your own business, do not give up. There are lenders to help you with this as well.

Also, the usual classic banks will probably not automatically say no when it comes to things other than payment remarks. However, you may, for example, not be offered to borrow a little less than you first wanted, or you will be forced to pay a slightly higher interest rate than if you had a really strong economy.

If it is difficult to obtain loans for other reasons, payment remarks at least increase the choice. Lenders all have slightly different terms and conditions for approving a loan application and it is never a foolish idea to look around a bit and see what opportunities are available.