Defenders are out of their depth against the creators of a cosmic wonder god


Doctor Strange and the Defenders are on a mission to track down one of Marvel’s oldest and most dangerous villains, and he could be anywhere in time.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Defenders # 1, available now from Marvel.

The history of the Marvel Universe is long and complex, even to the point that someone who sees as much as Doctor Strange cannot see everything. However, the mysterious Masked Raider has just crashed into the world of the Sorcerer Supreme with a terrible warning he never saw coming. And now, the latest incarnation of the Defenders is ready to face the threat of the Enclave, the secret group of mad scientists who created Adam Warlock and just put a refurbished Korvac back into service.

As revealed in as Defenders #1 by Al Ewing, Javier Rodriguez, Alvaro Lopez and Joe Caramagna of VC, the current leader of the Enclave. Carlo Zota turned to the unstable magic of time travel to correct a mistake, which could pose an existential threat to the entire Marvel Universe.

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Zota 1 enclave

Since ancient times, the Enclave has, in one form or another, counted among its members the most devious minds in the Marvel Universe. Carlo Zota has been one of the most prominent members of the Enclave since its first appearance in the 1967s. The Fantastic Four # 66 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. At the time, Zota was one of the scientists who convinced Alicia Masters to sculpt the humanoid form of their next synthetic being. While the Thing’s longtime love was unaware, it was the basis of Adam Warlock’s body.

Additionally, a subsequent revision of the story transformed Zota and the modern Enclave into a group whose roots extend all the way to the activation of the original Human Torch, the spark that ignited the Marvel Universe.

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Zota enclave

More recently, Zota and the Enclave were tasked with rebuilding Korvac to Christopher Cantwell and CAFU Iron man 2 by Christopher Cantwell and CAFU. As fate willed it, the Masked Raider was there when Korvac became a thug. But instead of killing Zota where he was standing, the Raider could only interrupt his dark incantation by shooting the spell book Zota was holding. While Carlo had planned to time travel to correct any mistakes that led Korvac to rebel against him, the interference from the Masked Raider has now sent the scientist elsewhere in time, leaving it to the defenders to hunt him down.

Carlo Zota is far from a towering figure or the kind of villain who stands out among the crowd, but he remains a threat to be taken very seriously. Between Adam Warlock and Korvac, Zota and the Enclave have built two characters who can take on Marvel’s most powerful cosmic entities. While it’s not clear where he ended up, Zota is smart enough to use his position in the Time Stream to his advantage. And with a significant head start, Doctor Strange and the Defenders will have done everything they can to keep pace.

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