DC teases Major Justice League-related pregnancy


The Flash 2022 Annual #1 strongly hints that one of the Justice League’s Scarlet Speedsters may soon be dealing with a growing family.

The following contains spoilers for The Annual Flash 2022 #1, now on sale at DC Comics.

The Annual Flash 2022 #1 hints that Wally West’s wife, Linda Park, may be pregnant – which would make The Flash the only member of the Justice League currently on the verge of having a baby.

“Best-Laid Plans”, written by Jeremy Adams and drawn by Serg Acuña, sees Linda and Wally come to terms with his newfound speedster abilities, which have strangely manifested in The flash #779 and are still unexplained. As Linda uses her speed for daily chores, Wally sits down to read his wife’s budding romance novel, which tells a thinly veiled story about the love the two share for each other.

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After devouring the book, Wally takes Linda on a well-deserved date night and the two reminisce about all the times they’ve had together. Linda brings up a memory of the last time she was pregnant and developed intense cravings for sea salt caramel ice cream, which she raced Wally around the world to get. The two lovebirds first laugh at this memory, then look into each other’s eyes and wonder if Linda is pregnant again, which could explain her new powers.

Wally and Linda’s Unique Parenting Struggles

While it’s still unclear if an unborn baby speedster gives Linda a connection to the Speed ​​Force, she and Wally have already experienced more than most superhero couples when they get together. is to raise their existing children, Jay and Iris West. The West twins had a tumultuous and retcon-filled childhood, especially since Linda suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with them due to an attack by the Reverse-Flash. It was only through the use of time travel that the twins were born, and due to the various DC Universe continuity changes, they were trapped in the Dark Multiverse for years. Jay and Iris were eventually restored to Wally’s reality in the Front flash 2019 limited series.

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Linda Park, a Central City reporter, first appeared in 1989 the flash #28. His romance with Wally, despite being temporarily erased from existence thanks to DC’s New 52 and Rebirth reboots, has remained one of the strongest pairings among Justice League and Titans heroes.

The Annual Flash 2022 #1 is written by Adams with art by Acuña, color by Matt Herms, lettering by AW’s Justin Birch, and main cover art by Marguerite Sauvage. The illustrations featured in this article are from Sanford Greene Justice League 2022 Annual Cover #1. The Annual Flash 2022 #1 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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