Mared Good is a project that revolves around people; In other words, these are people who help other people. This concept, called Collaborative Economy is one of the pillars of Brockaloan.

Request a payday loan

Request a Personal Loan

If you have requested (or at least tried) to apply for a bank loan, you will know that the process is long, full of bureaucracy, papers and forms to fill out, and we cannot let our guard down if they try to hide commissions or related products.
With Mared Good these problems no longer exist. The registration process is very simple and fast. By the way! Have we said that the loan application does not involve any expenses ?

Start the loan application

Start the loan application

The first thing we should do is access the Mared Good payday loan simulator. We will introduce the amount or principal of the loan that we need and the term or Verify your data

In the next window we will have to enter the access data of our bank account. This procedure is standard and is necessary to verify that you are a natural person resident in Spain and to analyze your creditworthiness. Keep in mind that if you could not return the loan granted, there would be investors who would not collect what they have invested in you. In no case, therefore, can we make any movement. However, if you do not have online banking or prefer not to enter your bank access data, you can call our telesales department, which will help you complete the application. Remember that it is a local number, included in most telephone rates, so that the call does not cost you anything.

Filling in the application

Filling in the application

Once we have validated your data, we will only have to fill in some more data. No more than 10 minutes!
Remember that you can complete the steps in the order you prefer. And if you’re in a hurry, don’t worry, you can continue after creating your account. Go for it! 

Create an account

Enter your email and password to create your Mared Good account. If you forget your password, nothing happens, you can recover it as many times as you need. 

Upload your ID

We need to verify that you are a real person, and that your data matches. Therefore, we need you to upload your digitized ID to the platform. You don’t have the digitized identity document or a scanner handy? No problem!
We have designed a new document upload system through your mobile phone or Smartphone. Enter your mobile phone number and we will send you a link via SMS so you can take a photo of your ID and directly upload the image. Easy, right?

Some basic facts about you

We need to know some basic information about you to get to know you better, such as where you live or where you work.

Validating your data

As they say, he who has a mouth is wrong.  And he who has hands too! That’s why we need you to confirm that the email and your phone are correct. You will receive an SMS and an email welcoming you and a link or code with which you will prove that they are correct.

Additional data

Finally, we will need you to send us two payrolls or proof of income so that analysts can review your request. Once this process is completed, we have everything ready.

To sum up

To sum up

The loan application process is simple, fast and simple. Once all the fields have been completed, our team of analysts will study your request and will transfer the final result, within an average period of 24 working hours. However, remember that if you have any questions or you have a problem during the registration process, our telesales department will be happy to help you. And if you have any ideas, improve, or want to give us your opinion, we will be very grateful to hear from you!